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Fastest Monitors

EEZY provides you with the fastest website monitors where we monitor 300+ websites covering the latest drops, flash restocks, raffles and social media posts. Automated notifications will be received as it occurs live on those websites.

Detailed Release Guides

We provide our members with detailed information for every single release. This includes a full drop lists with where and what time a certain website is releasing that item along with guidance on what the best way to purchase is.

Exclusive Early Information

As experienced resellers, we provide members with early information and guidance making sure you have that upperhand to others.This includes info on shock/secret releases accompanied by early links to make checking out EEZY.

Market Analysis

We provide updated and relevant information keeping our members’ best interests in mind. Eezycook help you make informed decisions regarding how, where and when to sell.

Non Streetwear Reselling

Here at EEZY , we also help members maximize their profits reselling non streetwear items such as Hot Tubs, Weights, Tech, Cards and other collectables which during the pandemic has helped members make thousands in total profit.

Instore Info

We don't just provide information for online , we also help you keep up to date with day to day information on latest drops, shock releases and raffle info in popular cities such as London , Milan , Paris , New York , Los Angeles and more.

Exclusive Software

At Eezy Cook, you are able to access our in-house softwares. This includes EEZYFILL - an autofill/ACO chrome extension that supports Shopify, Supreme, and Stripe. Members will also have access to an AIO toolbox - EEZYTOOLSAIO coming soon.


  • Since joining in August 2019, EEZY has grown massively as a group adding for example multiple monitors for hot tubs and other items which have made me thousands in profits among other low key and sneaker flips that have been made 100 times easier to get with full guides and help from staff members, the group is only just starting up and there’s new features near enough every week, if you join you definitely won’t regret it.

    Elliot/ellcfc Member since 2019 August
  • Since joining almost two years ago eezy has helped me make thousands of pounds in profit, being the first cook group I joined meant that they have taught me everything I now know. With the in depth releases guides and fast restock monitors I’ve managed to secure some of the past years grails including two pairs of offwhite 4s, union 4s, Dunk low grateful dead and many more and not forget their brick flips, I managed to make hundreds during quarantine by flipping hair trimmers using the helpful staffs knowledge on what store stocked them and when they would restock. For the unbeatable price you can’t get any better. Finally all the help from the eezy team has meant I can buy my dream car at 16 (bmw e30). Eezy to the moon.

  • Since joining the Eezy cook group I have managed to flip numerous items, doubling and sometimes tripling my money continuously. And the detailed guide with every item just makes it so much easier to cop high ticket items. You always have staff members and other fellow resellers in hand if you need help with anything. Honestly joining this group was a no brainer.

    Harry / Hattori
  • Since Joining Eezy in June 2020, I’ve flipped everything from Lazy-Spas and Clippers to Yeezy Slides and Civilist Dunks. The whole community shares their jigs to manually cook any website/raffle. Staff have guided me to make thousands reselling from the first month I joined and even helped me purchase/set up my first sneaker bot. Every member in the group is happy to help with anything you need, and this is the ONLY cook group i’ve been in that you can catch jokes. If you want to enjoy cooking, Eezy is the Group to join!

    Calan - calcheyne
  • Eezy has brought me to another level of resell, the amount of information and knowledge within the server has allowed me to make massive amounts of profit every month whether it be through monitors or early information, eezy provides the best knowledge from beginners to advanced resellers.

    Christian - stian

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